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New Jersey Diners with Funny names.

"mustache bills diner"

mustache bills

It’s hard to live in New Jersey and not develop a love of local diners. After all, New Jersey is the Diner Capital of the World! There’s one in almost every town serving any type of dish your taste buds desire. NJ Diners are quite extraordinary from their menus to their appearances and their…names!

We all know the typical names ranging from “Silver”, “Golden” and “Galaxy” to those that take the names of their owners, but many have very interesting names. Some have names so unique that they certainly make you wonder their origin. We took a look at some of the most notable NJ Diners to list the Top 10 New Jersey Diners with Funny Names!

1. Golden Touch Diner
Route 10, East Hanover
( Morris County)

2. Egg Platter Diner
159 Crooks Road, Paterson
(Passaic County)

3. Mustache Bill’s Diner
8th Street, Barnegat Light
(Ocean County)

4. Dimples Diner & Family Restaurant
Lacey Road, Whiting
(Ocean County)

5. Jackson Hole Diner
362 Grand Avenue, Englewood
(Bergen County)

6. Nothing Fancy Restaurant
Harrison Avenue, Harrison
(Hudson County)

7. Mama’s Dream International Diner
State Street, Perth Amboy
(Middlesex County)

8. Golden Pigeon Diner
Landis Avenue, Bridgeton
(Cumberland County)

9. Lamp Post Diner
Weeks Avenue, N. Wildwood
(Cape May County)

10. Horseshoe Diner
Boyle Plaza, Jersey City
(Hudson County)

Post your New Jersey Diners with funny names!

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The New Jersey Diners Tour.

"Diners Drive Ins and Dives"

Diners Drive Ins and Dives

Great episode! Guy Fieri takes a New Jersey Diner-intensive road trip all over the state that has more diners than any other place on earth. He actually orders the Cyclops pancake with a fried egg in the middle at Mustache Bill’s Diner by the lighthouse on Long Beach Island, and you know how much he hates eggs!; Home made hash at the Hightstown Diner; Legendary burgers made the same way for six decades at the White Manna in Hackensack which is often talked about in Weird NJ magazine; Homemade moussaka at the Jefferson Diner in Lake Hopatcong; Scratch made pie at the Ritz Diner in Livingston; And nightcaps like the Orange Martini made with Tang at the Skylark Diner in Edison. Now that sounds like the ultimate New Jersey Diner Tour!

Unfortunately I have yet to visit any of these Diners but now that I am retired I believe I must. I have been dying to try the burgers at White Manna. I have had the Italian dogs at Jimmy Buff’s in Irvington but I don’t think thats considered a New Jersey Diner.

The episode will be on the Food Network on May 14, 2012 11:30 PM ET/PT, May 15, 2012 2:30 AM ET/PT, May 25, 2012 6:30 PM ET/PT.

    List of Diners in the episode

Mustache Bill’s
8th Ave. & Broadway St.
Barnegat Light, NJ 08005

Tick Tock Diner
281 Allwood Rd.
Clifton, NJ 07012

White Manna Hamburgers
358 River St.
Hackensack, NJ 07601

The Ritz Diner
72 East Mount Pleasant Ave.
Livingston, NJ 07039

Hightstown Diner
151 Mercer St.
Hightstown, NJ 08520
(609) 443-4600

Skylark Diner
Route 1 and Wooding Ave.
Edison, NJ 08817

Jefferson Diner
5 Bowling Green Pkwy.
Lake Hopatcong, NJ 07849

OK, I’m officially hungry now!

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What was your New Jersey Diner Hangout as a kid?

"Youssof's Diner"

Youssof's Diner

My favorite New Jersey Diner that I practically lived at while growing up was Youssof’s Diner, now known as Marlboro Renaissance Diner.

I can’t believe I am still alive today because we had to cross Route 9 in order to get there. There was a back section near the bathrooms and side entrance that had a Missile Command Game and a Galaga game. I must have “borrowed” hundreds of dollars in quarters over the years and now that I think back my dad was probably breaking dollar bills to add to the change jar as my usage was faster than normal change jar replenishing.

We didn’t eat much but must have drank a cubic yard of chocolate milk shakes. The counter tops and booths had the gratuitous juke boxes which we would annoy the diners with.

It may not be the best or well liked New Jersey Diner, but it is to me.

On a side note, Youssof’s Hotel, which is right next to the Diner was used in a scene from the movie GoodFellas. The scene where Henry Hill was trying to sell the guns at the motel was Youssof’s Motel! Also the final scene where Henry Hill gets the newspaper from his porch complaining about the spaghetti was filmed down the road in a devolopment that was being built, GreenBriar.

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History of the Diner

"the runaway"

The Runaway

Diners attract a wide spectrum of local populations, and are generally small businesses. From the mid-Twentieth century onwards, diner restaurants have been seen as quintessentially American.

A diner is a basically a prefabricated restaurant characteristic of North America, especially in the New Jersey, the Midwest, in New York City, Pennsylvania, and in other areas of the Northeastern United States, although examples can be found throughout the United States, Canada and parts of Western Europe. Some people consider diners not only the prefabricated structures, but also to restaurants that serve similar cuisine to traditional diner fare even if they are located in more traditional types of buildings. Diners typically offer a wide range of foods, mostly American, and Greek with a casual atmosphere, a counter, and ooften have late operating hours. “Classic American Diners” are often characterized by an exterior layer of stainless steel—a feature unique to diner architecture with a hint of Art Deco.

The very first diner was created around 1870 by Walter Scott, aka Witzel. Scott, who worked at a printing press, decided to sell food from a horse pulled wagon (Sawyer). Scott would sell his food to night workers and men who frequented clubs. He decided his venture was successful enough that he quit his job to sell his food full time. His diner can be considered the first diner with walk up windows which were located on each side of the cart.

Commercial lunch wagon production began in Worcester Massachusettes in 1887 by Thomas Buckley. Buckley was best known for his “White House Cafe” wagons. The first patent for the diner was issued in 1891. Buckley built “fancy night cafes” and “night lunch wagons” in the Worcester area until 1901.

With the help of Wikipedia

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"Crystal Diner Toms River"

Crystal Diner Toms River

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