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What was your New Jersey Diner Hangout as a kid?

"Youssof's Diner"

Youssof's Diner

My favorite New Jersey Diner that I practically lived at while growing up was Youssof’s Diner, now known as Marlboro Renaissance Diner.

I can’t believe I am still alive today because we had to cross Route 9 in order to get there. There was a back section near the bathrooms and side entrance that had a Missile Command Game and a Galaga game. I must have “borrowed” hundreds of dollars in quarters over the years and now that I think back my dad was probably breaking dollar bills to add to the change jar as my usage was faster than normal change jar replenishing.

We didn’t eat much but must have drank a cubic yard of chocolate milk shakes. The counter tops and booths had the gratuitous juke boxes which we would annoy the diners with.

It may not be the best or well liked New Jersey Diner, but it is to me.

On a side note, Youssof’s Hotel, which is right next to the Diner was used in a scene from the movie GoodFellas. The scene where Henry Hill was trying to sell the guns at the motel was Youssof’s Motel! Also the final scene where Henry Hill gets the newspaper from his porch complaining about the spaghetti was filmed down the road in a devolopment that was being built, GreenBriar.

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